11 - Kill Or CURE

Remo Williams and the incredible Chiun take over Miami Beach, with a wild plan to make it a perfect, crime-free city.

Another Watergate!

Miami Beach and the whole state of Florida were in an uproar. Secret tapes, IBM printouts and coded documents had been found linking local politicians to a clandestine organization called Folcroft. And Folcroft was thought to be conducting political espionage under the direction of the White House!

The Folcroft Institute, of course, was the brain-center for CURE. And CURE was the super-secret agency that didn't exist..employers of the destruction team, Remo Williams and Chiun. And they didn't exist either. Not much.

Then there was a murder. It was quickly connected to the expose' and the media went crazy. "Government by Assassins" was one screaming headline. Remo and Chiun were there.

Also there was the heavyset man. From his yacht he looked at the Miami Beach skyline hungrily. It appeared like a giant Monopoly board to him. He had plans to win it. His game had begun, his prize was in sight.

The moves would soon become more daring and more deadly. Yes, it was going to be unseasonably hot in Miami. Already there was a stench of boiling politics, melting ethics, and burning images.