The best cover!

One of the highlights from this issue: A history lesson for Remo about Sinanju.

Magazine   #1
"His Name is Remo"

A combination of an original story mixed with parts of the novella "The Day Remo Died" (from "The Assassin's Handbook.)   It opens with Chiun on the desolate shores of Sinanju, an American sub surfacing, and Con MacCleary. meeting the legendary Master.

An alternating storyline is the frame-up of Remo.   Big problem here.  His name was NOT Remo Williams when he was a cop!!!   This name was given to him after he "joined" cure.

Anyway, we see Remo meet the "monk", take the pill, get fried in the defective chair, and wake up in Folcroft.

Remo meets Chiun and begins his training.  Remo must soon go on his first mission - the recovery of a hand-held nuke firing pistol..

After a bunch of blunders,  Remo manages to find the baddie again, and manifests his Shiva persona.  Huh?  He becomes Shiva without being killed?!

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